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my 2yr old getting to sleep Lock Rss

my 2yr old daughter still is in her cot about 3mths ago she would tell us when she was tired we would take her to bed shut the door she might yell out a little but then go to sleep peacefully
now she screams and screams some times for an hour we talk to her through the door or sometimes even leave it ajar slightly what else can i do


Try to have a very strict routine of dinner bath 2 stories (you must set a limit) toilet if she is out of nappies and lights out. When she wakes or gets up you must give her a clear message that it’s time to sleep and leave.
I also think you might need some serious bribery and get her something she really likes and she can have it if she stays in bed but if she gets up then you will take it away.
Try making a magazine cut out with her and have a family like yours but with a sad tired mum and another picture with a happy mum, let her know how unhappy you are and if she would sleep for you then you would be the happy mum, at this age it works miracles trust me.
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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