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Can you make a toddler wake later in the morning Lock Rss

My 20 month old has been waking at 5am since daylight savings ended. He has adjusted to going down at 8pm at night which is his normal time but he use to wake between 6am and 6.30. He still has 2 morning sleeps. I am unsure as to drop one of his day sleeps to see if this makes him sleep longer through the night or to just stick to the 2 day sleeps and enjoy my 2 windows of opportunity. Also sometimes if he wakes at 4.30am I try to do control crying with him but he is reluctant to go back to sleep so after 30-45 minutes i just generally give up ad get him up. Any advice would be great
Hi there

I have the same problem with my 13 month old daughter. I just posted my issue under toddler sleep and setteling if you are interested in my problem. It's a little different to yours, but untimately the both wake way to early for our liking. My daughter also has 2 day naps. One at 9.30 till about 11.30ish and another at about 3.30 till 5pm. Today I kept her up until 12.30pm. Gave her lunch at 11am and put her to bed at 12.30pm. She is still asleep and it's now 2.30pm. I wont give her another sleep today until bed time now. I am hoping this works or someone can give me some advise in the forum. I too am reluctant to give up one day nap, as it's the ony "me" time I get all day, but I need my night sleep back desperately as I am pregnant with my second baby and need to sort this out.
Good luck. I would be really interested to hear from you as to your progress.


Some toddlers are just early risers and he may just grow out of it. Don’t make too much of a battle out of it.

Follow his tired signs for the daytime naps and act on those this is your best guide to know when to drop one of the naps and work towards and early lunch and one good early afternoon sleep eventually.

Cheers Maree

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