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Screaming day & night-everything medical ruled out inc. colic Lock Rss

Im a young single mother with a 12 week old baby.

At 6 weeks she decided she didnt want to sleep for 3 days straight - I took her to the Doctor and Maternal and Child Healthcare Nurses and both ruled out COLIC, LACTOSE DEFICIENCY, REFLUX along with constipation, wind and allergies. The MACH Nurse said it was OVERTIREDNESS causing the problems

Ever since those 3 days she has (the last 6 weeks) She will sleep all night but then scream all day and at night till she goes to sleep

Her routine consists of:
Between 5 and 8am she will wake for a feed as soon as she has finished her feed she goes straight back to sleep (i cant keep her awake) she will not wake up untill after 12pm, she has a feed as soon as she wakes up. After this bottle is when she starts to scream. She will have 10min catnaps between the bouts of screaming (probably to regain her energy for another round!) this will continue till after midnight sometime (so basically for 12 hours) Once she goes to sleep after midnight she will sleep all night till she wants her morning bottle.

Other things along with the screaming is she hates lying on her tummy, she will last for about 30 seconds before she starts screaming.
Also she doesnt drink her bottles, no matter what time i give it to her. She will start to drink then start playing around with it. When she manages to get a little bit more than half way through the bottle she stops (and at this stage i also burp her) After she brings up her wind she refuses to drink the >60mls she has left in the bottle. Im giving her 180mls, every 4 hours (approx 5 bottle a day) I have changed her to various teats with but to no avail

I have tried the sleep/settling routines, wrapping her tightly in a blanket (but i stopped this as she has managed to work her way loose and pull the blanket over her face), i have tried changing her formula (The first 2 weeks after she was born she was breastfed then changed to formula due to improper weight gain, she started with S26 then Heinz nurture starter then back to S26). I have even tried letting her scream herself to sleep(with trying to settle her everey few minutes of course), but this only makes her worse. She only way she will go to sleep, is when she "feels" like it and she will put herself to sleep. i have also tried giving her the product CALM which doesn't work either.

Im seriously at wits end here. I have no support from my family (they told me to have an abortion when i first fell pregnant, and now they are telling me to give her up for adoption). I have had 6 years history with mental illness, and was diagnosed with prenatal depression whilst pregnant, and now have been diagnosed with postnatal depression. I know nothing can be done about the depression, its just me, i know it wont go away even with help (i have tried). All i want is for her to stop screaming. She is such an unhappy baby, she doesnt smile and doesnt laugh she doesnt even attempt to try and roll over. I have tried doing various things with her but it wont make her any happier. The MACH Nurse said she would book me into QE2 so help stop her screaming and start feeding properly, but i cant go there because my parents dump my 2 year old sister on me everyday and if im not at home to look after her, they more than likely will kick me out of home and let me live on the streets.

This problem does go further than her sleeping pattern, but this isnt what this forum is about. All i want is for her to stop screaming all day and sleep like a normal baby.

I better go now because she is screaming and my stepdad is threatning to hit me if i dont settle her down.
Hi Kellie,

Thanks for giving us those extra details, we will make contact with your Maternal & Child Health Nurse to try and get a sleep program working for you and be back to you soon.

Take care, Maree

It's Time to Sleep

Thanks very much Maree, I look forward to hearing from you

Although i must apologise for my last comment, I was upset and angry that my stepdad was telling me if i cant look after her that i should put her up for adoption. Its just very stressful at home at the moment, but i am working on getting my own place smile


I am sure I am not alone in sending you massive hugs and support and we are all here for you for any help/advice or even just a quick chat.

Love Stephanie (and all the lovely Huggies mums)

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Kel,

I’m glad you contacted us, and as you know we have made contact with your health nurse. She is keen to help you and will do her best to implement a settling program for you. I feel that you could really benefit from some one on one assistance. Please let me know how you get on and feel free to contact me any time you wish to.

Best of luck, and keep your spirits up, motherhood is indeed a long hard journey, but is worth every bit of the effort we put in each day.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

Hi Kellie. I remember what it was like for me when I had a 12 week old baby. It is very stressful when they cant tell you whats wrong.
You have probably already done this but have you tried giving bub a dummy for comfort? It really helped me when my baby wouldnt settle.
Another suggestion is try a cranial osteopath or chiropractor. Her body may have become misaligned during the birth and could be causing her pain. There have been alot of success stories with chiros and unsettled babies.
My experience with s26 was alot of tummy pains, so we had to give our bub gripe water all the time to counteract the wind( can buy at chemist or coles. We changed to Heinz and it was much better.
Going for a long walk will settle baby too.
These are only suggestions and anything is worth a try if it makes you and your baby happy.
I wish you all the best!

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06


Thanks for that advice

Tahlia already has a dummy (bit hard to keep it in her mouth though as she is tongue tied! But she gets there..)
I did think at the start it may have been the S26 upsetting her tummy so i did change her over to the Heinz but she seemed to get worse so i went back to the S26

Your suggestion about the chiro is actually a very good idea, as i was born with a sacralisation of the L5 (between my lowest vertebra and the top of my tail bone, there is a disc missing, therefore the 2 vetebras have fused together) Tahlia may have been born with the same thing. My mum said i was nothing like the way Tahlia is but all babies are different! I will ask my Dr for a referal this week as my poor princess needs her needles (OUCHIES!!) Thanks heaps for that, i would have never thought of that myself

And Maree thanks for helping me. I went to QE2 (after a lot of arguing with my parents because there was nobody to watch my little sister, as i may have mentioned i have raised her since the day she was born) They were a great help, she was really good there but as soon as we came home she went back to her old habits except that she sleeps more during the day now. I now have 2 solutions that may work, and that is to go see a chiropractor as JZ has mentioned and the other is to move out of home. It was really weird how she went really well at QE2 then back at home she went funny again. A social worker has contacted me (after QE2 contacted her) and i will be seeing her this friday and she is going to help me move out of home into either my own house or a group home (for young mothers) Please everyone, cross your fingers and hope all goes well, i really want out!

The best thing ever since coming out of QE2 is that i found a spot just near Tahlia's collerbone where she gets a bit touchy - IT MAKES HER LAUGH!!! smile Im so happy now, all i gotta do is touch that spot and she laughs and makes noises for ages...

Well its way past my bedtime so i better get my bootie off to bed. Ill let everyone know how it goes at the Dr (refer to chiro) and on Friday with the social worker

Goodnight everyone
Sweetdreams smile
Hi Kellie,

Sounds like you are really having a tough time. I use aromatherapy on my little bub. He enjoys a massage after his bath in the afternoon so to prepare for bedtime. Massage also helps with belly pains. There are many web sites for baby massage just do a search. Aromatherapy can be expensive but there are some cheaper oils like lavender which are calming and good for promoting sleep. I get mine through Young Living Essential Oils (also can be found on the net) but they can also be found at some chemists and natural heath food stores. Just ask if they are 100% therapeutic grade oils before buying them otherwise you will be wasting your money. If you decide to try the oils, make sure you dilute them down 50% with vegetable oil or you could burn the baby. You will only need 3-4 drops. Good luck and I hope this helps your baby, and stregthens the love that you share for her.

Qld Mummy, 22 month baby boy, 1 MC 11 weeks


Is bubs on S26 formula? I found BOTH my kids VERY unsettled on this formula as it contains a lot of iron. I saw the pediatition and he changed the formula to Karicare from then on I had 2 totally different children. You can only but try.

My thoughts are with you

Hi Kel,

Nice to hear from you, I hope everything works out for you and Tahlia, try to persist with what you were taught at QE2.

Best of luck, Maree

It's Time to Sleep

Good to hear that you are getting the help that you need. Looking after a new baby is such a difficult job, I too get overwhelmed with it all. It does get easier as you get to know your baby better.
You sound like a pretty smart young lady and Im sure some good things will happen to you soon. Let us know how the chiro goes. Good luck!

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

You brought tears to my eyes as you brought back memories for me. I too had a baby that cried day and night, wouldn't feed properly and didn't smile until he was three months. None of the specialist could tell me what was wrong and he lost a lot of weight and got sick often. Unless you have a screamer or know someone close that does you can't imagine the stress. I too ended up with Post natal depression but wasn't diagnosed till my second baby (recently). I found talking to other mums with similar problems helped and I didn't feel like it was ALL my fault. It DOES get easier, just hang in there!!!!!!!!!

Christine, WA, 3 1/2yr old, 2yr old and 4mths preg

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