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I have a 4mth old, from 2 weeks old she refused to be wrapped and would not sleep on her back so I tried her tummy and not wrapped which worked. Now that she is stronger she lifts her head up and looses the dummy and then cried. She has also recently started rejecting the dummy but then cries when she doesn't have the dummy, she also won't keep it in her mouth. For the last week she also won't fall asleep unless rocked to sleep. When waking for a feed at night and she has a very wet nappy she will not allow me to change it without her screaming, doesn't matter when you change it, before or after a feed. What do I do? Please help!


It does sound very much like she sets the rules and you will need to be the one to take control if you want a regular routine to work. I think she is looking for this also
All babies protest change but if you can get a good routine happening and persist with it you will be better of in the end.
Cheers Maree

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