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Hi Marie

My daughter is 9 weeks old and she has a couple of 1 hours sleeps in the morning, followed by a 4 hour sleep in the afternoon. At night she has a five-six hour sleep followed by a 3-4 hour sleep.

My question is, should I be trying to resettle her in the morning to sleep for two hours. The idea being that her sleep is more evenly spaced out.

Sometimes at night she is sleeping from 5pm-10pm and then she can only do three to four hours after that.

Should I be putting her on a routine to help her sleep better hours during the night.

Is it O.K to wake her to try to manipulate the hours she sleeps? Or is it just natural for them to sleep when there body needs it and that I should not interfere with it.


Anything over one hour is okay and I wouldn’t try to resettle her unless she starts to catnap under one hour. 4 hours does seem a long stretch and if it is too late in the afternoon it could affect her evening sleep a little, it is easy to let them go at this hour as there is always so much to do to prepare an evening meal etc in peace, but don’t let her over sleep late afternoon. As for overnight you could expect to be giving one even 2 feeds at this age.
Cheers Maree

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