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My little man is 6 1/2 months.I purchased the its time to sleep DVD and it worked a treat for 6 weeks.Now my man has decided to wake at 2am and 4am.The 2am I am able to put the dummy in and resettle with some ease.The 4am wake though is completely different.I go in there and he is wide awke with the dummy in his mouth laughing at me as soon as i go in.I try and resettle but hubby gets really frustrated as he has got to get up at 5.So i usually give in and feed him and he goes back to sleep until 6am. When we first started the new routine he would sleep from 7pm have a roll over at 10pm and not stir until 7am.What happened? Any advice would be great. I know it is probably the dummy causing the dramas but how do you get rid of it?
Hi Ainslie,

He may be going through 8month separation anxiety as well at the moment. If you believe the dummy is a problem either just get rid of it altogether, again a bit tough at first but better off in the long run if it’s a cause for waking. Or you can use the dummy to settle with, but remove it just before he falls asleep so it’s not the last thing that he remembers when he falls asleep. Are you still putting him down at 7pm and doing the rollover feed? If you are, then I would persist with the settling at 4am and rather than the milk offer a little water.

Good luck, Maree

It's Time to Sleep

We are still doing the roll over feed. Should I wake him at 10pm, because I'm in bed at that time and he usualyy wkes me between 930 & 11pm. He still goes to bed at 7pm.
Thanks for your suggestions.
Hi Ainslie,

Yes wake him at 10 pm and persist with the techniques at 4am.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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