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Can you help???

My son is 28 months and up until 3 nights ago went to sleep alone in the dark and I never heard from him again till morning!!

The last few nights he has been telling me there are bombs in his room and wants me to sit with him and a nightlight left on!! He only watches about 2 hours of television a week if lucky and that is Playschool or The Wiggles so I really don't know where 'bombs' have come from!!

I lie on my bed across from his room and watch TV and he is sort of ok with this because he can see me but still upset. How do I fix this 'bomb' thing??

Can you please help???
Kind regards


Hi Maria,
Kids pick up things on the news, radio and from other children . I would just try to let him know that his room is all clear and not play up to staying in his room for too long. Hopefully it will just pass.
Cheers Maree

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