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13 month old waking early. Lock Rss

Hi Maree

I have a 13 month old daughter who has been waking between 5am and 6am since November last year. I really didn't think it had been that long until I looked back on my notes. My story is a bit long and drawn out, so I do apologise and beg you to bear with me as my husband and I are so tired and don't know what to do. Amy, my daughter has always been a good night sleeper. She started sleeping through from 7pm till 7am at about 6-8 weeks old, so we consider ourselves very fortunate. I suppose that is what we are used to now. Amy never had a dummy until we drove up to QLD last November. She seemed to tolerate the car and the new environments better if she had a dummy to sleep with. This worked a treat and she slept really well throughout the whole trip and in the car there and back. Looking back, I think we may have caused our current problem ourselves!
When we returned from QLD, Amy would only sleep well during the day if she had a dummy, so I thought "why not", she was getting far longer sleeping sessions than she was prior to the trip. At this point she did not seem to want or need a dummy at night time, falling asleep well and still waking at around 7am each morning.Gradually Amy began waking earlier but going back to sleep on her own without any intervention. Soon she would not go back to sleep unless we gave her a dummy, so we did as this was the easy thing to do and we all got to go back to sleep! For the last week and a half, my husband and I decided enough was enough. Amy is waking EVERY morning and we were never getting back to sleep properly so we started controlled crying. This had worked in the past when Amy was about 6 months old and we needed her to sleep during the day, so we thought it would work again.It hasn't! Yesterday Amy woke at 5.45am and we left her to cry until 7am. Got her up and decided not to give her a morning nap as usual. (she normally has a sleep at 9.30am -11.30ish then again at 3.30ish -5pm).I got her through till 11am, gave her lunch and put her to bed at 12.30pm. She slept until 2.30pm. She had dinner at 5.15pm and milk at 7pm then bed at 7.30pm. She went down really well. This morning was a little better.she woke at 6.10am but the crying was far less intense than previously. We got her up at 7am and when my husband went to get her she was still lying down sleepy, not sitting bolt upright like normal. I have done the same today so I will see how she goes tomorrow morning. Do you think this is the way to go, or do you have any other suggestions? We are desperate! Sorry about the length of this letter, but I think you need to know the whole history to be able to help. I really need to sort this out before the new baby arrives!


I think you have been lucky so far and if you think she needs to drop one day nap and this is about the time they do, then the way you are going is the best way.
Don’t tire her out though thinking this will get longer nights because an overtired baby is harder to settle. Do act on tired signs mostly for the short term during the transition period from 2 naps to one.
Babies and toddlers routine change and I don’t know if making a battle out of it at this hour is worth it. Sometimes you just have to accept that you have an early riser and get on with the day.

Best wishes for your pregnancy.

Cheers Maree

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