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Resettling after a catnap Lock Rss

Hi Maree,
Thanks for your reply to my previous post. With more persistence Poppy is becoming easier to settle everytime she goes to bed. It's been great!

Now thast we have conquered "getting off to sleep" I want to start improving "staying asleep". Poppy catnaps alot during the day. I try and resettle her if her sleep was less than one hour as recommended but it rarely works. Even if it does suceed she will only sleep an extra ten minutes.

How long do you recommend trying to resettle for before giving up? I persist for about ten minutes but by then she is usually hysterical!

Thanks for your help


Jo, NT

Hi Jo,

Congratulations, that is great news.

Do your best to follow the settling techniques but don’t make a battle out of resettling during the day, try for up to 20 mins max and if she is hysterical after 10mins get her up. She should eventually get the message.

Cheers Maree

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