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18 month old wakes in the night and is noisy keeping everyone awake Lock Rss

my 18 month old son has never been a good sleeper at night. Up until about 8 months he would wake after each sleep cycle and couldn't self settle, but gradually grew out of it.
He now wakes 4-5 times a night, but doesn't cry, instead makes lots of noise - kicking his legs on the matress (I think he does this to try and out himslf back to sleep), calling out and grunting and growning. I know I should leave him to self settle, which I have tried - but I end up going to his room, tucking him in and giving him a quick rub on the back - just to try and get him back to sleep as quickly as possible, so we can all rest - otherwise he can do this for 1/2 an hour, before the house is quite again.
I've cut his day sleep to just one (now only 1.5-2 hours) - going from a much needed 9.30am sleep for 1.5 -2 hours (I think he was exhausted after the restless night) and an afternoon sleep at about 2.30 for about the same, hoping that this will give him a solid sleep at night, but it has made little difference.
He goes to bed at 7.30 and goes off to sleep without any issues at all. Sleeps till about 11 without a peep (just when we are going to bed), but after that is when all the fun beings waking on average every hour or so. He's fully wake by 6.00 - 6.30 am. By the time morning comes I am exhausted but he is ready to go..... How can I get him to stop this, and sleep a little longer in the morning?
He may be waiting for your presence to resettle, so you might want to persist with letting him resettle on his own for a few nights. It’s hard to resist going in to resettle them when you know this is a quick solution, but the other way may prove to be a long term solution instead. If this doesn’t work you could try just going in to let him know it’s time to sleep tuck him in and leave.
Cheers Maree

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