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Settling - Unsure ? Lock Rss

I am re-teaching (due to reflux problems) my daughter to self settle using the settling techniques.

The problem is, when she starts crying and i start patting her cries get even louder and more distressing and she doesn't stop.

When do i stop patting if she doesn't stop crying ??

I am nearly always tempted to pick her up after only a few moments to calm her down! Otherwise she's crying and i'm patting her to sleep!

Any suggestions would be great.



Hi Nelsie,

My baby doesn't like the patting thing much when she is crying either, but I've found that slowly stroking her head/ eyebrows/ nose and 'sshhh'ing usually does the trick. And if I'm persistent with it she calms down.

Might be worth a try.

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

Hi Nelsie

I agree with redin, as my DD hates the patting thing too.

She does however repond to the stroking of the hair(loves that) and the eyebrows and nose.

Also have you tried rubbing her back instead pf patting? this works too but only if she can sleep on her tummy. Does she do that yet?

Good Luck

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

I’m assuming she is under 6 months and you are following the 6 to 12 month techniques.
You can use the patting method for 15 mins and then pick her up give a reassuring cuddle ( be sure not to cuddle off to sleep)and start again . You can try for up to 1 hr during the day and until sleep comes at night.
The protest crying will happen but when the crying stops stop the patting. She won’t instantly go from screaming to asleep so when you feel she is settling take you hands off a little and pat again if she cries.
I hope this helps
Cheers Maree

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