My daughter Diana is now six and a half months old.
Up to this time we had only two nights when she slept through the night.
Wehn she was 4-5 months old we had a problem - she couldn't sleep by herself. At 5 months old we have started control cry method, which helped us a lot - now she has learned how to fall asleep. But anyway she still wakes up during the night 3-4 times.
I tried settling techniques to help her go back to sleep, but the only thing that helps is feeding her.
after feeding she falls asleep immediately.
We have started to give her solids two and a half weeks ago - so now I know that she has plenty of nutritions, but she still wakes at night asking to be fed (she was totally brestfed baby till she is 6 months). So I guess maybe it is just a bad habbit.
But during the night she refuses to heve anything but the breastmilk.
Moreover, now she has her first teeth coming and she is very unsettled: she is almost not sleeping during the day, and during the night wakes up every hour. the only thing that helps her at the moment is when I hold her in my arms and rock her, then give her breast and then rock again.
I'm so tired, because seens she was born I didn't have proper sleep. I think maybe I failed as a mother.
Moreover, these last days she wants lights on when she is falling into sleep (I use small table lamp which is under my bed, yes, she sleeps in our room) - do I need to turn lights on? It started when we started to use air-conditioner during the night (it gives small light).
What should I do to help Diana sleep through the night?
How long this teething problem may persist?
If during these days with teething problem she will get used to fall asleep with me rocking her - what should I do? (I try not to rock her - but in this case she is not sleeping at all - I tried it and she didn't sleep for 12 hours).
Currently, I know that she is not overtired (unfortunately I know what is that - as we had this problem when she was 4-5 months old).
Sorry for such a long letter, but I really need help.
I have noone to help me here - as I don't have any relatives except my husband in Australia. Now he is not sleeping with us (for last 4 months), as Diana always wakes him up and he need to go to work in the morning. so this whole sleep situation affecting my personal life.