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Scared of Bed Lock Rss

My 3 year old boy has just in the last week started waking at around 4am every morning, screaming hysterically, saying he doesn't like his bed and wants to come into our bed. We have never had him in our bed, even as a baby and up until last week he has been a fantastic sleeper his whole life. we have tried installing a night light, leaving the door open, leaving lights on in other rooms, turning his bed around (he said one night he didn't like the bedhead so now sleeps with his head at the foot of the bed) but nothing seems to work. There has been nothing significant happen in his life lately, though it has been a rough year for the whole family( a car accident he was a passenger in) and a death in the family and we are at our wits end. He is a generally happy child and has no problem going to sleep in the bed during the day. He has also started waking up in the mornings saying he is very very sad! It's breaking our hearts and we really want to make this better for him. Any suggestions would be fantastic!


Kirsty, VIC, 03.03.03 and 25.02.05

Just as a footnote, he is no longer saying he is sad when he wakes up, much to our relief, but still says he doesn't like the bed and wants to come into ours. After trying all the changes we decided to return everything back to it's original state and not talking about it so much, thinking that maybe all the attention and effort we were putting into the situation was the underlying cause and reason. However it hasn't made any difference and now we fear that the initial problem has resolved itself and now he has developed this habit! Please help! Also should we hold off toilet training until this problem is resolved/ He is 3yrs 2 months old.


Kirsty, VIC, 03.03.03 and 25.02.05

Hi Kirsty,
Try asking him what would make him happy to stay in his bed and work on that.

Sometimes the simplest things work.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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