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Hi, this is my first post, my son is 21mths old, we have been fortunate that he has been a good sleeper days and nights, we thought we would try the cot to toddler transition now, baby 2 is due in a few months so this is in part the motivation to try and settle him prior than later. we have both the toddler bed and cot set up in his room now, we put his toddler bed into the same spot he has always had in cot in, and keep the cot in the corner for a just in case purpose and also for him to get used to the idea of sharing his room soon with 2 beds, this is the end of our first week trial, he goes to sleep as normal day and night in the toddler bed just fine, the problem we experience now is when he wakes in the early morning he dosen't know what to do with this new found freedom and cant seem to be able to stay in his bed and resettle, for two nights out of the past 5 he has woken at around 1.30 and cried then gotten up , in the cot he would have easily self settled but with the toddler bed we find him schuffling upto the door and waiting for us to return him back to his bed. We have tried the return him to bed and not saying a word thing but he just gets back up the moment we leave, we repeat this, we try slow rocking hugs to calm him down and then leave him hopefully calm and ready to return to sleep but he just gets up again the moment we close the door, we have tried the sitting in his room, head down and a meter or so away from his bed hoping he will drift off and 10mins later when it seems he has we go to leave and he does the same thing, We are keeping room dark, we have gently reassured him that its time to go to sleep and then leaving his room only to have him repeat his intitial phase of getting up and going to the door crying. He is after the initial getting out of his bed , now wide awake, and has had us up for about 3 hours these two night (non consecutive nights). I stayed in his room and put him in his cot last night at 4am because I was exhausted. Is this a sign its too soon for the transition or is this what to expect when transitioning children. We have a bassinete so there is no rush, we just felt he was, and is, in theory ready as he says ni ni's and happily lays down in his new bed with his toys just like he did in his cot and can go to sleep initially just as normal. Its just what to do and how to handle the midnight waking, we are happy to put in the effort if we knew this is really what to expect however if others have transitioned without this problem then I guess it isnt right yet. I am wondering also if his bottom molars are coming throu, the last 4 teeth are due about now, there is a protruding ridge over the bottom back gum where those back teeth should come throu, which I dont think I have noticed til now, so it could be as simple as that causing him upset. We have not needed to co sleep with him before unless he is really sick and generally really needing us close, mostly he is a happily indepedant sleeper. I know him well enough to know he only calls for us when he really is trying to tell us something but in this instance Im not too sure what exactly he needs.
kind regards
Hi Di,

We're in the same boat. My daughter is 22 months old and we have another baby due in 2 months. We have just transitioned across to a toddler bed as she was climbing in (and trying to climb out head first) from her cot. We have no troubles getting her off to sleep at night, but during the day we are having a lot of difficulty getting her to have her nap (no problems at all with her cot). I think it's the freedom thing. We've tried co sleeping, sitting on the floor next to the bed, all the same things you have, and it has only worked one day (when my mother very kindly gave me a break!). Unfortunately on the rest of the days I've had to resort to driving the car around for a few minutes until she goes off to sleep (just so that I can keep sane and she can get her much needed sleep). I'm really interested in your replies as well to see what else can be tried... Good luck with it all! Cheers, Mel
Hi Mel,
Its always good to know there are other people going through the same thing, its comforting in a way. My post was last month so I can re-assure you now by saying we have had a successful transition since, by trying a couple of things along the way, we committed to going through it all now, because we had the ability to give 100% to this before baby 2 and it has benefited us now he has found his new groove. just like we did to help our son learn to self settle in his cot, & if you are familiar with trecillian self settling methods, we basically reused there technique now he is in his new toddler bed, we first made sure with his new freedom there was no objects/furniture that could harm him if he did get out of his bed to get to the door. we did everything as we would have for bedtime routine day/night , leaving him awake but safe in his room and allowed him to find himself into sleep but reassured we were there if he needed us, if he got up , we went in and returned him to his bed with cuddles (if we knew that's what would calm him) and leave again when we knew he was settled , initially he did get up and out a bit, pretty much every time really when he woke in the night and on the odd day sleep, you really need someone to remind you at those times its worth it in the long run because its easy to cave and forget all the hard work you have already put in, we would leave the gaps greater with each return to his bed, first we would go in initially within the first minute of him being at the door, then delay going in a few minutes later, then increase the gap each time on his day / night sleeps repeating this routine, and it could take a few days to one week before you have safely and successfully transitioned them while giving them the tools to be able to go to sleep on there own and know you are still there, they can get used to you going in too frequently and this wont help you in the long run, I knew our son was in a safe environment and it was going to help him, although no parent enjoys hearing the crys of their child we knew in a way he was testing us also , but he has adapted pretty well, his midday sleeps used to be upto 2 hours in the cot, in the toddler bed there any where from about 45mins to 1 1/ 2 hours pending on how much activity he has done in the morning, I find if I take him to a bike park or park before lunch for upto hour play then he is usually pretty happy to sleep. they have way too much energy at this stage but tiring him helped during this stage also.
we also went shopping for a new cot set and got our son to pick it ( kind of) and unwrapped at home and set it up on his big boy bed and explained he is so grown up now the cot os for babys and toddler beds for big boys so tried to make the experience fun and made him feel grown up , also talking through the door to your child explaining its time to sleep, its ok, its time to go back to sleep sometimes disrupted his train of crying for when I wasnt actually in the room so it was a different way of reassuring baby your there.
hope this helps in some way. Di
Thanks Di,

We're happy to give anything a try at the moment, so it's nice to hear that all is going well with you! Still having a devil of a time trying to get her down for her day sleeps, so hopefully the tips you've given will work.

Thanks very much.

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