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using the 'time to sleep' routine for ages now Lock Rss


a few months ago I purchased a copy of the book and dvd. At the time my daughter wasnt that bad at sleeping but she had her moments. My hubby and I watched the dvd and started implementing then straight away. I now have a problem.. Liana, now 10 months likes the patting part and if I dont pat her back she turns over and stands up, in protest. I might give her a few minitues to see if she settles and then as soon as I turn her on her side she settles and waits for the patting.
However, today and tonight she lost it completely and wouldnt let me hold her to her side and she was protesting so badly that i had to walk out the room in frustration. I'm trying so hard to do the settling 'by the book' but it's so hard when she's screaming and protesting as it only makes her scream more. She starts child care in three weeks and I was hoping to have her settles by then as I'm not sure how the carers will go at this techinque. How long (days) does a normal baby take to settle after using this technique ?

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03


It can work in one day as it did for me, but the techniques can also take a few weeks in some cases, and a few can take even longer. If you have been patting her until she falls asleep then this will become her sleep association, you MUST stop patting when the crying stops and never pat to sleep.

Good luck if you need more help just ask.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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