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Hi again,

One thing I did forget to ask:
Liana has 90% of the time slept in her own cot. Now and then if we are shopping she might sleep in her pram but only for a short time.

With summer coming and BBQ's to attend, how do I get her to sleep in her pram when she should be in her cot.

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03


The biggest problem with a pram is usually that the babies have been rocked or pushed to sleep in them.

If she falls asleep independently in the pram sometimes, that's okay. It's when you transfer babies to a cot from the pram on a regular basis that can cause sleep problems. Why not take a porta cot with you and a portable baby monitor, that way she has a bed and you have some free time too.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep


Thats fine and she has sometimes slept in her port a cot. However if she hasnt been to the place before she wont sleep in the cot or pram. This then create a problem for us as we often leave very early or spend most of the might trying t settle her.

If I am shopping and she is tired, 80% of the time she wont sleep in the pram either. Due to following these great routine patterns I now have a child that sleeps only in her cot. To some people this in its self is a problem!! I'm starting to see their point of view, and as a first time mum I may not go down this path again. Having a child that adapts to your life is important as well as a routine. I think I have been leading a routine before my life and now I'm starting to regret it.

an example is today, I need to be in the city for an appointment at 1.30pm and normally Liana will sleep for and hour or so in the morning. Well, she's right here with me playing as she wouldnt settle and kept playing in her cot. So like the dvd suggests after an hour I have her up again. Now I have the problem of her being grizzly all afternoon because she wont sleep in her pram.

sorry for sounding a tad dissapointed

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

It’s hard being a mum sometimes and unfortunately not all babies respond the same. It always seemed that my kids did the opposite of what I wanted when I had somewhere to go, I think a lot of mums feel the same, but I still believe that a routine works well in most cases. Try not to make a battle out of it if every day isn’t perfect.

Good luck Maree

It's Time to Sleep

Hi kez cap

I can sympathise with you my daughter now 2, once she became aware of her surroundings and was routine in her cot, she never would sleep in her pram, shopping or otherwise. Now my 7 mth old is the same, gets really grizzly cause he is tired but won't sleep in the pram.
It makes going out a very strategic project and timing is everything. Especially as they can have conflicting day sleeps.


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