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6 month old loves our bed Lock Rss

Lillie is so used to getting her way because at night hubby always pops her in bed if he hears her crying

this is not ok with me
we started controlled crying and after 3 nights she was self settling if she woke
but now shes teething so so so badly last night ssheonly slept for 4 hours
her pain was horrific i'd never heard that scream before i tried panadol and bojella with no help.
finally hubby put her in bed and she settled a bit better
i have bought some nurofen today to try that instead
i even took her to the doctor yesterday to make sure nothing else was wrong!!
am i gonig to have to wait till she stops teething to do controlled crying again?

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Teething can be very painful and you seem to have covered this the best you can.
Keep this in mind – If baby is in pain with her teeth she will have pain in your bed or hers.
You can do a settling program when baby is teething so long as she does not have a fever and you keep her comfortable as you are doing. To do a settling program successfully you need the support of both parents!
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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