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Hi I have a 13 month old son who is a great sleeper. At night he sleeps for around 12 hours and during the day has 2 sleeps for about 1 - 1.1/2 hours each.
Over the last few days his sleeping patterns have changed dramatically, which in turn has put our whole routine out of whack.
Our mornings start at 6.30am, with the 1st nap being at 9.30am and the second one at 2pm and finally off to bed for the night at 6.30pm.
The problem is that over the last few days his morning sleep has turned into a 3 hour "nap" and his afternoon sleep a 2 hour "nap". So in total he is having 5 hours sleep during the day and 12 hours sleep at night. Is this a lot of sleep?
He has never slept this long during the day before. Is this an age thing? During this time of extra sleep his appetite has increased three fold. Before the change we were having trouble getting him to eat but know we have trouble filling him up, so to speak. Could this be a growth spurt? I feel completely out of sorts now our routine has gone hay wire. Thanks in advance.
Hi Lynette,

Sounds like a routine many of our mums would envy!
Just as we think we know our babies routine they grow and do something different.
You will notice before long that he will start to need only one long early afternoon sleep. Your son sounds wonderfully healthy and happy. Enjoy!

Cheers Maree

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