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Excessive sleep Rss

My almost 7 week old has had a strange day today.
Usually she catnaps during the day with one really decent sleep, but today she just slept and slept, she awoke for feeds and either fell asleep on the breast, or immediately after being winded.

She had a bath at 5.30, on the breast form 5.45pm till 6pm and out like a light again.

I'm a bit worried, is it okay for her to sleep so much. Usually we have playtime, tummy time, awake for cuddles when Dad get home from work. We got her up and awake as lively as we could get her at 4.15pm and put her in the stroller and went out for a walk, she was fine and had some grizzles which would have been for a feed and then she fell asleep on the way home.

She doesnt seem sick or anything, and was her normal lively self at bath time, had a good, hearty cry for her boobs. I'm worried as her dad has an underactive thyroid condition and he can sleep alot,
maybe the condition could be hereditary?

Well, I guess I will find out how she'll sleep tonight, she's been asleep 2 and ahalf hrs now, was put in cot awake, she can self settle.
New born babies change their patterns regularly and go through growth spurts where they sleep more than normal. This could be what has happened on the day that you wrote to me.

If you have any health concerns chat to your doctor about it and then put your mind at rest.

Just enjoy the sleep when you get the chance.


It's Time to Sleep

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