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Falls asleep on bottle Rss

Hi Maree,
I've got a 10wk old boy who sleeps pretty well at night with 1 overnight feed but who won't settle during the day. I try doing the feed/play/sleep routine but once he's had a bit of playtime he won't settle properly and will usually cry and fuss until his next feed. I always try to get to him when he first looks tired. Also, he quite often falls asleep halfway through a bottle and can't be roused to take the rest so I put him straight to bed and I think he's learning to associate feeds with sleeping and settling. How can I keep him awake to get him to take a full feed (and to break the habit) and also get him to then settle after playtime?

Nicole, Qld - Jacob 27/2/06

Hi Nicole,
My daughter often falls asleep when i give her, her bottle,i try everything from changing her nappy,to tickling her,anything just to keep her awake,and half of the time it works,then there are other days,like today when she was so drowsey she would have some then not,she did this for half the bottle,i was succesful in waking her up twice,but the last time i couldn't,so i put her to bed.
You can't really feed them when they are asleep and don't want it.How long is it inbetween feeds when he falls asleep on the bottle?
And is it formula or ebm?

Jessica,Vic, baby girl Nicole

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