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my 10 month old has decided he is not a great sleeper anymore... Lock Rss

hi, my 10 month old, Archie, has just decided he doesn't like to sleep any more. He has been waking more and more at night, and his day time sleeps, one in the morning and one at lunch, are getting harder and harder to get him to go to sleep. i'm still breastfeeding and i'm wondering weather he is wanting more and more comfort feeds and that is why he is waking up, but i just don't know how to go from feeding him when he wakes up, to, well, not feeding him when he wakes up. He just gets so upset sad I was thinking about giving him formula at night for a week or so when he wakes up, and then changing it to only water bottles at night??
my bubs is the same age .... breastfeed and now formula topped up as well
She didnt want the boob today much she kept pulling at her ear and impossible to get to sleep this morning
I took her for a walk didnt lunch time she was so overtired as had been up at seven am!
she keeps standing up in cot and wont go to sleep!
so thats my story similar to yours!! Think is the teeth! if she wakes at night we give water but she only drinks alittle and still screams! so after an hour and half we feed her milk ...forumula!
so long story short we feed her because she wont go back to sleep
wakings are a couple of times per week
no magic fix I think>..just being a baby!
perhaps offer forumula after breastfeed to see if bubs is still wanting more!
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