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question about bottle fed 'formula' little 6.5 wk old girl. Lock Rss

hi there,

i have a very cute little 6.5 wk old girl who when born weighed 5lbs 12oz. i tried bb but she was destrying my nipples. i did my best but 3 days into it i opted to bottle feed. At the hosp they gave her 'karicare aptamil gold' in already made 90ml bottle. She took 50mls by the end of the week and all was good until i went home and got the exact same one but in the powder form. I found this made her poo's like little hard pellets. I started to give her coloxyl but was told by the helpline that i should try water with brown sugar. Still didnt see much improvements. I switched to karicare normal. It was a little better but still had to give her the sugar. I have noticed in the last week that she was starting to squirm during her feed and a lot after her feed. By this stage i only give her sugar once a day and i break it up into two feeds. Her poo's are much better and she does a nice sloppy one for me either 4am or 2am , then thats its for the day. Shes happy and so am i but the squirming thing is really distressing to watch.
the nurses dont like the idea of constantly switching formulas but how else am i suppose to know what works for her. She is putting on weight very well, weighing over 9lb atm.
She would sleep longer if she didnt have these squirming attacts at night.
So now im trying karicare 'delac'. This makes her burp easier but the squirming is still there. Im not due to see the pediatrician until next week.
I have been told that 'GOLD' in any brand can cause constipation in babies. Just wanting to know if there is anyone else out there who has something similar to my little one and can shed some ideas this way. she doest have reflux.
Im also trying to get her to sleep longer during the nights but seems to wake every 3 hours for a feed of 150mls.

hope to hear from someone soon smile)
My breastfed baby boy squirms alot too, I think it is wind. Are you using a dummy? Seems a help a bit. And I don't think you can do much about the frequency of waking in a newborn! smile

To me it sounds alot like she has traped wind. As PP has said try burping her more often during her feed's and doing it for longer after her feed, even though she might burp once she could still have more wind to come up, i used to burp my DD until i got at least to burps out of her at the end of a feed and in the middle. And i would even burp her during the day even if she didn't have a feed and she would burp.

At 6.5 week's your lucky that she gose for 3 hours between feeds during the night, it's completly normal, my DD is 6 months and still wakes up 1-2 times a night for a feed. At 6 weeks she deffinitly still needs these feeds over night, she'll begin to sleep longer in her own time.

As for the formula it dose take a while for them to get used to one particular brand, i wouldn't be swapping and changing to often cause this could actually give her an upset tummy to.

Hope this helps and good luck with everything hun.
Also i meant to ask wich bottles do you use, as you can get ones with the little colic ring in them to stop the extra air getting sucked down. Could be something to look into.
hi all,

im using Avent bottles and they have the ring on all of them. I do burp her during her feeds, even though taking out the bottle from her mouth can cause catastrophic meltdowns lol. I try to take her for walks but she cries. She is still in the bassinet , so im thinking to swap it over for the other seat so she can look out cos she is pretty observant. Ive noticed that with the 'delac' (day two ) she doesnt cry after her feed. This is what she would do with the normal karicare fomula. So something is going ok. I now need to get her poos abit softer now because from about 3am onwards is when she would normally do her poos and since swapping, she is having discomfort and pain in passing her poo and they are not like they use to be. All in time i guess. I just dont like seeing her in pain. But the midwife mentioned to me that some babies are drama queens when it comes to doing a poo. Dont know how true that is.
. She doesnt like to be left alone for too long even though im still in a meter range from her. Even when i talk to her , it only lasts about 10 minutes then she must get bored cos she cries (pick me up cry) . Overall she is a really good baby and she still is almost 2 months.(so very new to the world). I swear she grows an inch a day. I have her in 00 clothing now.

With her second to last feed for the evening, i half feed her and then we bath her and feed her the rest of her milk. Its 90% lights out when we do this and she wakes up 3 to 3.5 hours later for her last feed and thats when we give her a bit extra to carry her over a little longer. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt.
hi all

yeap i got infants friend too and that does produce some vocal burps. She is growing soo fast that she is not going to sleep much longer in her bassinett. Ive ordered a glider seat for her room, so that when i feed her i dont have to move to the lounge. Atm my partner is sleeping in the other room because of her night feeds, whcih works well for me because i dotn have to be so delicate when feeding her or changing her nappy.
She doesnt like to be alone for too long and certain things like toys etc... bore her and needs other stimulation. We sometimes play for about 20 mins until she shows signs of sleepiness. I hold her for about 15 minutes and put her down.
its all trial and error. she is 6.5 weeks and shows signs of wanting to be a woman..... lol
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