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  5. 9 week old wakes every 3 hours at night... without fail!!!

9 week old wakes every 3 hours at night... without fail!!! Rss

Hi Maree,

I am wondering how many times a night my 9 week old son should be waking for a feed? Since birth he has been waking every 3 hours during the night for a feed and I am starting to feel really tired and a bit run down. Also he seems to sleep better when there is noise around him, than when it is all quiet and we are all in bed. I have tried leaving a radio on, the tv on... but it doesn't seem to help much.

Should my son be sleeping longer stretches at night yet?

Hi Michelle,

Your son will still require feeding every four hours or so, so expect 2 feeds overnight, he doesn’t know the difference between night and day yet. Give him another month and you should be down to one feed a night and by 6 months he should be sleeping through. I wouldn’t worry too much about leaving the radio on, it’s probably that you notice the amount of times he wakes more because you need to be sleeping too.

Try our settling techniques if you are not already and follow the feed/ play/ sleep method to try and get at least 4 hours between feeds. He may not even be feeding much at night and just comfort sucking. The book is very helpful with this and will teach you how to tell the difference.

Good luck Cheers Maree

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