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5 1/2 month old that is breastfed to sleep Lock Rss

How do I break the habit of breastfeeding to sleep. He still wakes usually twice a night to feed,which i think is a habit, he used to be a great sleep when he was younger. Also any great tips on getting him to take a bottle (of breastmilk) would be apreciated as I am returning to work part-time.
He is still very young and wanting comfort from you to fall asleep is very normal, my daughter was breastfed to sleep until she was about 11 months old, waking once in the night too, after a feed she went straight back to sleep so i didn't mind doing it. He might be going through a growth spurt and needing some extra milk and maybe in a little while will start at least sleeping through one of those feeds. Its usually a lot easier to just go along with what your baby wants than pushing them to do something you want them to do.

As for giving a bottle, have you tried sippy cups instead of bottles, I could never get my DD to take a bottle but she would drink EBM from a sippy cup.

My daughter breastfed to go to sleep until 2 years old
I never put her on a bottle, she went to sippy cups and cups as soon as she could hold them. But for nights she would still bf to go to sleep and if she woke thru the night.
my son was fed to sleep till he was three months old. at that point i was like i have to break habit before i turns into something bad. i talked to my plunket nurse and was told i can feed him before he sleeps but not to let him fall asleep. then when he is sleepy and but still awake but him in his cot, say night night mummy loves you, put on some lullabyes and walk out the room. so i started doing that and gradually put him down when he was more and more awake until he didnt need to be fed to fall asleep. he cried for about 10 mins on and off the first time before he fell asleep. now he falls asleep by himself everytime. on a bad day he will cry on and off for about 5mins.

i have tried to feed DS a bottle before but he refused. if you really want him to drink from a bottle i was told to express about 20mls twice a day and try to feed it to him twice a day. he doesnt have to finish it all, its just so he can get used to using the bottle. i was also told by the time they are 6months and they refuse the bottle you can just use a sippy cup and they will actually like it. so maybe just try using the sippy cup like the other ladies said. grin good luck

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