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Hi, My 15 month old boy has never been a good sleeper. After many trips to our baby health centre we had a reasonably good routine going (in to his cot drowsy but awake, but often still waking 1 or 2 times a night) until a month ago. We went on an overseas holiday and he screamed the hotel down for the first 3 nights. There was no getting him to sleep in a strange cot, so for the first time ever he slept in our bed. Even between us he was not particularly happy and would wake frequently and need to be soothed off to sleep. He was very happy during waking hours. Now we are home there seems to be no getting him back in to his cot. A week ago I tried controlled crying. I hate doing this but tried it again all the same. He cried for almost 2 hours and threw up and was hysterical. This just doesn't work for us. I visited our GP in desperation and asked for some kind of sedative to at least get a TIME schedule back in place before attempting a bed time routine. He advised using Phenergan. I have used this for several nights and even though he stilll woke on average 3 times a night, we at least got some sleep. Not wanting to use this for too long I stopped this 2 nights ago. He is now waking at least every 2 hours in the first half of the night and then hourly until 5.30ish then he wakes every 20 minutes or so. Today for his daytime nap I attempted putting him into his cot sleepy but awake. Not only did he scream hysterically we have just discovered to our great horror that he can scale his cot and fall to the floor. WHAT NOW?? The only way I can get him to sleep is to breastfeed him to sleep, even then he has half an ear open and will wake instantly if I try to transfer him to his cot . I know this is wrong but I'm totally lost. This is my 3rd child. You'd think I'd have it down pat by now! This baby/toddler is ruling the house. He is gorgeous,cute and very clever, but we all need some sleep. Please help!
Thanks, Michelle
Hi Michelle,
Contolled comforting is a hard program and it’s not for everyone it takes persistence (sometimes up to 3 weeks) and you often need support. Many babies protest this way and it surely gets your attention.

Perhaps you need some one on one assistance. If you are in Melbourne you could call Rhonda Abrahams on 03 95139500.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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