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2 kids unable to sleep alone Rss


I am in desperate need of advice. I have 2 girls one is 3 and the other is 15mths old and I have just found out I am pregnant with our 3rd child.

I don't quite know how that happened as my husband and I never sleep in the same bed due to our children not being able to sleep alone. I have tried a few things but possibly have not been to consistant with the oldest child as my husband works nightshift at times at it is so much easier to have Elizabeth sleep with myself and Claire rather than have her staying up at night waiting for me to put her to sleep. At this present point in time we read Elizabeth a book (our 3yr old) and then lay with her till she goes to sleep. Each night no matter what she always wakes up and climbs in to bed with my husband (I'm usually asleep with Claire). As he is so tired he can't always get back up and put her back to bed. We have tried using a pillow beside her as if it is one of us and teddy bears as well as a night light but nothing seems to work. Lately she has been waking up in our bed not long after my husband has gone to work and climbing into bed with Claire and I in Claire's room. We are starting to get to a breaking point and it has been about 3 years since my husband and I have actually slept in bed all night with each other by ourselves goodness knows how we have managed to fall pregnant 2 more times.

We are now starting to experience a similar problem with Claire. She is still breastfeed much to my dismay and if she doesn't have a few feeds during the day she will continually wake at night wanting to have a feed. I have tried giving her a dummy but she knows that it isn't the real thing. I have also tried expressing, formula, water but with the same reaction. Day sleeps are just as bad as she just isn't sleeping well without the breast. At daycare when she goes maybe once every 2 months they tell me that they have no problems getting her to sleep. She is now taking to having me lay beside her all night. We have put her into her own single bed as she refuses point blank to stay in a cot. I have tried to put her in a cot on many occassions and she screams the house down for over 1 hour. You would think she would go to sleep but she doesn't (don't worry I don't let her cry continuously for that long I do check on her and try to comfort her regularly). Elizabeth was exactly the same. Maybe we stabbed ourselves in the foot as neither child from birth would sleep in the cot they always needed the comfort from us.

We would love to have them sleeping all night in their own beds well before the new baby comes in case they resent him/her and then of course we don't want to make the same mistakes with him/her.

Any help would be appreciated.


From a sleep deprived mother for 3 years

Christine,QLD,3yr old & 15mth & pregnant with 3rd

Hi Christine,

Please, please, please read my book and follow the settling program, it will answer everyone of the issues you are facing and I believe will have a life changing effect on you. Your children simply do not know how to sleep without you and if you don’t change the situation, nothing is going to change.

<a href="It's time to sleep</a"">It's Time To Sleep</a>

Best of luck, Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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