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3 Month Old Can't put herself to sleep Rss

Hi Maree,

I have a 3 month old baby and she sleeps through the night (since 8 weeks) about 8-10 hours after her dream feed at about 9.30pm, so we feel great about that as we are getting plenty of quality sleep during the night! Only trouble is, she can't seem to put herself to sleep during the day unless we rock her. We have tried soft music, dark room, patting, singing softly, rubbing tummy, etc, etc. We have been told that she is not ready yet to put herself to sleep. During the day we follow feed, play, sleep, and when we do put her down to sleep she will only sleep for roughly 30-45 minutes, and seems quite happy until the next sleep session. What would be your opinion on these issues and is there anything else we can try to help her go to sleep on her own during the day. Thanks.
Hi Ness,

Don’t believe that she is not ready to put herself to sleep yet. You can teach her to sleep independently and within about one week. She will respond well since she already knows how to sleep during the night.

Watch for the tired signs and act on them using the It’s Time To Sleep settling techniques on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page. Anything under one hour is a catnap and you should try to resettle for up to 20 minutes using the techniques, if no response then get her up and try again next sleep.

It's Time to Sleep

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