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waking up 1hr after bedtime and throughtout the night Lock Rss

Hi, my son is 3yrs old in August and has always been a fairly good sleeper, able to resettle himself if he was to wake etc.
Just before I was due to have my second child who is now 6 mths old we went through a stage of him not wanting to go to sleep before 8.30-9pm. It was daylight saving so we knew that was part of the problem.

Then more recently he was waking throughtout the night, we would go in and resettle him with no problems, except this was happening 3-5 times.

He now is going to bed at 7.30 but of late he seems to be waking every night 1 hour after going to bed.
He will wake up crying, he is unconsolable unable to talk and often moody not knowing what he wants.

We have tried everything, from being aware of what he eats before bed, how much sleep he has during the afternoon what he did during the day, is it nightmares?
He has a routine bedtime and always goes off without a problem. Like other times this issue doesnt seem to be resolving itself.

My husband and I have tried to talk to him, even ignore him and to see if he would resettle. This ends up with him getting even worse and not resettling for ages. We have gone in and not spoken just sat and held him until he calms down. Often these techniques will work at the time but sure enough the very next night he wakes again.

Basically we can put up with the normal changes of sleep cycles that is expected but at the moment we don't seem to know what is going on. Please help we are frustrated and would like a good nights sleep this has gone on for to long.


Dear Cottonsocks

We would like to let you know that Maree, our Sleep consultant, will be unable to respond to your questions from the 13-25th May as she is away on a much needed holiday.

If you require more immediate advice regarding your baby's sleep we suggest that you contact your local Child Health Nurse.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards
Maree and the Huggies Parents Exchange Team
Firstly, I would like to extend an apology to you for the delay in responding to your query.
These changes can have a lot to do with a new member arriving in the house.
Do be sure you are letting him fall asleep on his own and in his bed initially as this will be the key to getting him to sleep again. If you are comforting him to sleep this will be the reason he is waking so often. The best thing you can do when he wakes is return him to bed quickly and quietly just let him know it’s time to sleep and leave.
Some good old fashion bribery can also help, take him shopping on his own buy something he really wants, he can have it if he stays in bed and tries to sleep but he if gets up you must take it away.
I hope this helps
Cheers Maree

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