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Sleeping in a rocker Rss

I have a 12mth old son, who has recently been diagnoised with ear and nasal problems. He is having his adenoids removed and grommets put in next week, but for the past month all he does at night is scream. It is hard for us also as he always slept through the night in his cot. We have now let him sleep in his rocker as this is the only way we can all get sleep. I have tried putting him in the cot and elevating his matress but again all he does is scream. How can I get him out of the routine of the rocker and get hime back in the cot.

It would seem that this has become his sleep association and if you can break this routine early you would be best to. Speak to your doctor about doing some controlled comforting techniques perhaps after your son has had his operation, see if he is okay with this and how long you should wait for complete recovery.

My 5 year old is also having the same op next week and I know there will be some extra cuddles and comfort going on for a while. But you seriously need to look at getting back into the cot again and out of the rocker, it can’t be good for his back sleeping this way.

Best of luck, Maree

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