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Hi Maree,

We have a problem with day sleep for Diana (7 month old).
We've been through the settling techniques mentioned in this site and your DVD. She falls asleep by herself and sleeps most of the night (if I give her roll-over feed). but she is not sleeping more than half an hour during the day.
You've mentioned somewhere that if baby sleeps less than hour - we should resettle her, but it doesn't work at all. It's been 2 weeks - and we still cant make her sleep more than half an hour during the day.


Diana is 22 months old

Congratulations on getting the night sleep sorted out.

Some babies do fight the program.

Whilst we recommend resettling fir any sleeps under an hour during the don’t make a battle out of the day sleep if she doesn’t resettle after 20 mins get her up and try again later.
Best wishes

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