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As the mother of a 21mth old I understand how tiring parenting can be however not all parents and babies fit into this kind of program. I feel that a universal program could not possibly suit every family situation.

My personal experience is that I tried "settling techniques" similar to those you describe but could not bear the awful feeling of hearing my baby cry for me while I ignored her, even if only for a minute or two. I have found the settling techniques that work for us are breastfeeding to sleep (settling time less than 15 minutes) and cosleeping. I continue to breastfeed my daughter according to her needs, without restriction because it is what she wants to do and because I am happy to. She may wake during the night for a feed but will always settle back to sleep within 5 minutes. I used to feel guilty that I wasn't following "feed play sleep" but I have a beautiful, healthy, happy girl who proves to me everyday that the only right way to parent your child is by doing what feels right for your own family.

My main concerns are the psychological effects of controlled crying (see the Australian Association of Infant Mental Health, and the effects of restriction of breastfeeding on the mother's milk supply.

To any other mothers who feel uncomfortable with the "It's time to sleep" model: search around until you find the expert or program that you feel happy with or that works for you. There are thousands out there.

Megan, NSW, 21mth baby

Hi Megan,

Yes you are right, controlled comforting techniques are not for everyone. However they are still the most tried and proven way to get a baby or toddler with poor sleeping habits to sleep independently.
As a mother who has ‘been there’ they gave me a desperately needed solution.

Our aim also is to teach a good settling routine right from newborn.

Best wishes, Maree

It's Time to Sleep

I, too had reservations about the "its time to sleep" program

One of my 11 week twin girls was not settling easily,sometimes taking up to an hour and a half, so we bought the DVD. Apart from having to listen to my baby crying, my main concern was the fact that we had to wrap our baby again, after stopping that initially at 5 weeks

As we live in the tropics, i thought it would be too hot for her, but it was my husband that wanted to follow it to the letter, so he insisted that we do it

It took us a good 3 days before we felt the technique was actually working, there were definately times when i felt like throwing the towel in and saying this doesn't work, but now almost a week later, we are getting her settled in under 5 mins, sometimes instantly

my advice to anyone wanting to try this program, is to be strong, and to stick with for as long as necessary, repitition is the key

A big thankyou to my husband for helping me through the last week

QLD, 2 Sets of Twins

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