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my 22 month old climbs out of cot Lock Rss

My 22 month old is now climbing out of his cot all the time.
No matter how many times I take him back he keeps doing it, so now with extreme guilt I close his door to keep him in his room, and to date he has fallen asleep either on the floor or under his cot. I don't want to move him to a bed as we are shifting into a new home in about 8 weeks and wanted to keep something familiar to him when he goes into his new room, as enough changes have taken place with number three arriving 13 weeks ago.
Any ideas would be great
If you weren’t moving I would say it is time to put him in a bed but perhaps you could make a big deal about getting a new bed when you get to the new house like a build up to it all.
We feel guilty for all sorts of things as mothers. Don't be too hard on your self.

Hope this helps
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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