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Constant waking after 3am. Lock Rss

I have a 4 (nearly 5) month old boy. Every night we give him a bath at 6 pm, feed at 6:30 and sleep at 7pm (though usually he's struggling to stay awak by 6:30 and he dosen't drink much at his 6:30 feed). To put him to bed we use the settling/sleep techniques as set out in te baby sleep section on this website.

He will sleep perfectly happy till around 3pm, when he'll wake up, and doesn't really seem to sleep much after that. We resettle him by making sure he's wrapped up, and pat him if required. Usually it's a simply matter of replacing his dummy. He'll drift off but will wake up every 10 - 30 minutes after this until we give in around 7:30 am and get him up.

We called our local parentline and they told us not to feed him at night anymore, (he's bottle feed). My partner and I can't cope with the lack of sleep from 3am to 7am. Is there anything you can suggest that would get him to sleep through till morning?

desperate and sleep deprived,


Alicia - Baby Aaron (TAS)

Hi Alicia,
At this age I would most definitely feed him if he has gone from 7pm to 3am and then I’m sure you will get him sleeping until 7am without the constant waking.
After 6 months if he is not sleeping through the night you could try a rollover feed but at this age he may well still need this feed especially if, as you say he is not feeding a lot at 6.30pm.
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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