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refusal to sleep/settle during day - just cries Lock Rss

I have an 8 week old daughter who just cries throughout the day. I have taken her to the doctor and child health nurse but their suggestions just aren't working. I have tried the feed, play and sleep method ; the letting her cry for a while method ; the patting her to sleep method ; in case of reflux (the doctor put her on reflux medicine just in case!) I raised her cot at one end, feed her on an angle and her play mat is raised so that her head is higher than her stomach ; I have tried formula instead of breast ; I feel I've tried nearly everything, but to no avail.

I can get her to sleep in my arms after her feed, but as soon as I put her in her cot she wakes up, instantly. She will sleep during the night in her cot, but during the day she just cries. She doesn't seem to be able to be awake without crying.

I have two other children and our family is just frazzled as we were all looking forward to her birth, but she hasn't stopped crying since the day she was born. It is quite distressing as I am unable to go out as the crying is so constant that it's just too stressful. She will not sleep in her pram at all and even driving in the car doesn't stop her from crying at all.

Can you please, please help me. I need some sort of sanity back in my life. Thanks, Judith

DS 14, DD 9, DD 2


I have been through exactly what you are describing. Have any of the doctors considered that it may be reflux. My son was the same. He has silent reflux which is the most painful one.

He would be very unsettled through the day, but would sleep quite well at night. I found out that the the body creates more acidity through the day and less in the evening.

Some of the signs of reflux is that they rub there faces in your shoulders, some children want to feed more frequently as they know the milk relieves the pain, also when I went to the Hills PArenting Centre the lady could feel the silent reflux when she touched his back , she could feel him regurgitating-the silent reflux occurring. I also use to here my babies tummy making noises while i was feeding and after and i thought it was colic or wind but it was the reflux.

My son went onto medication-Losec and Karicare thickener and became a changed baby. At present i simply wrap him, place him in his cot through the day and he goes off to sleep on his own.

The best thing I did was go to the Hills PArenting Centre she was great.

I hope some of this info has helped you. GOODLUCK

my sil had a baby that cried a ot, turned out to be food allergies, is there any history of allergies in your family? if you are breastfeeding you may like to talk with a dietician about an elimination diet or if using formula your gp about special formula?

if you are breastfeeding you could try a top up feed if she has woken after a feed, this second feeding can sometimes send a baby off into a deeper sleep.

i also found i needed to burp my babies well while they were little or they slept badly and woke frequently.

i hope you find something that helps. good luck.

mum of 3 girls

Hi Judith,
I really think you could do with some one on one help. Are you in Melbourne?
If so I can put you in touch with Rhonda Abrahams. Her ph no is 03 9513 9500
Or 0412 363 390 . I f you are in another state I suggest you contact your health nurse for the number of a baby settling center.
This is a real sanity saver.
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

hi Loriella,
It seems that you really do have your hands full, I don't know much about reflux but I found with my daughter at times she would wake as soon as I went to put her down. As I was breast feeding I begain to feed her on my bed, but lying down, it took a few goes to get comftable but she would feed and then let go and I would leave her on my bed to sleep with pillow around her. After a few weeks she was then happy to be picked up and into her own bed.

At least this way you might even get some rest yourself.

Good luck.

Cecilia,Vic, 2yo


we have tried everything as well. my son had reflux and was put on mylanta. but that didnt seem to work at him sleeping through the day. its been a couple of months since that. we have even been told to put up with it but like you we get stressed at times too. i hope there is some solution out there.

i was called ballo!

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