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18mth waking thru night for lost dummy Lock Rss

i would like some advice on my 18mth boy. he's been constantly waking thru the night as he's lost his dummy. he puts himself to sleep with a dummy every night at 7-7:30pm no worries but the last couple of weeks he starts waking about midnight and he's been waking about 5 times a night. this is very tiresome for me. i usually go in, find his dummy and then he just goes straight back to sleep. he is teething at the moment, has cut 4 teeth in the last few weeks so i know he could be in pain and im reluctant to try and get rid of the dummy now as he is teething...
any suggestions???
Hi Amanda
The loss of a dummy can be the cause of constant waking and it sounds like it needs to go. When I got rid of my sons dummy I put salt on it each time I gave it to him and told him it was yuk, then I would wash it for him and snuck some more on, it didn’t take long before he didn’t want it.
I hope this helps
Cheers Maree

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