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Getting my 7month old to sleep through Lock Rss

Hi i have a 7month old baby im having trouble gettin her to sleep through the night she wakes an hour after putting her down than 3-4times during the night and wont settle back into her cot she crys untill she gets into my bed but then still wakes. Its been like this for the past 3months and im bearly gettin any sleep - im so tired - i need some help to try and get her sleep again. She only has 2 45min sleeps during the day

Hayley-nz, Caitlyn 22-10-2005, baby edd 02/04/09

It sounds like she doesn’t know how to sleep independently and if you want her to change you will need to teach her.
Our settling program will take you step by step through the settling program
You can get an overview of our settling program from the <a href=" Baby’s Sleep</a> section of the Huggies site or for more detail, and a visual demonstration, from <a href="It&#39;s time to sleep&lt;/a" />It's Time To Sleep</a> DVD&BOOK.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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