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How to tell when to drop a daytime sleep? Lock Rss

13 month old DD has been taught how to self settle from 5 weeks ( thankyou its time to sleep video from our Mother care Nurse!!) and apart from illness, we have had no issues day or night. But 6 weeks ago we went on holidays at friends house where DD was ill so to stop her from waking the household we bed shared. Since then amost everynight has had DD awake from 1 up to 4 times a night -well or unwell. Getting her back into her cot was successful, but i could never get the next step of control crying (would only get to me patting her back through the bars of the cot till sleep) as she keeps on getting sick and I dont think it is safe to do that whilst bub is ill. The odd night that she dosn't wake at 11, 1 and 3, she will sleep all night till 4.30, 5.00. She goes to bed at 8.00. She has two sleeps a day from 9.30 to 11.00 for 1.5 hrs and then 2.30 to 4.00. ( 1.5hrs). Is she waking because she has had enough sleep? should i be dropping one sleep through the day? if so, what time should she have the one sleep?
thankyou for any suggestions
Hi ,
It is about this age that toddlers will drop one nap during the day and you need to watch for tired signs as every day won’t be the same during this transition period.
If you want to drop to one nap try hanging off on the morning nap and giving an early lunch around 11am and then aim to get baby down by 12noon for a couple of hours.
You are right not to do controlled comforting when baby is ill but when she is well you can take it up again.
Cheers Maree

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