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8mnth old waking Lock Rss

Thankyou for your time and help.Our baby has just turned 8mnths and we have been lucky that since around 4mnths he had been sleeping 7-7am however over the last 3wks he is waking countless times in the night,we make sure he is all fed during the day and only offer water at night but he is still waking,it is driving us a little crazy!!He uses a dummy during the day to sometimes help him fall asleep,but we pull it out before he does and he rarely has it any other time,can he have become dependant on it?any suggestions?(he is on 3bttles&3 solids per day)
many thanks
At 8 months baby experiences 8 month separation anxiety and you might need to use some settling techniques so you don’t create and bad habits when resettling.

You can get an overview of our settling program from the <a href=" Baby’s Sleep</a> section of the Huggies site or for more detail, and a visual demonstration, from <a href="It&#39;s time to sleep&lt;/a" />It's Time To Sleep</a> DVD&BOOK.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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