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I am a first time Mum. Ourdaughter is 6 weeks old and I also have a 7 year old step-daughter that we have shared custody of (week on week off). I am trying to get our newborn into a routine but am finding it very difficult during the week we have Miss 7 as I have to do school drop off and pick up and I don't know how to fit the routine around these times. We have started the feed, play, sleep routine with mixed success.

Any advice would be wonderful,

hi heather, i am not the sleep expert so feel free to take what you like from what i say and discard the rest smile
i have 3 kids and i found that the only one who had a proper routine was the first, as it does become tricky when you've got others to fit into it aswell.

while some people really like the feed play sleep routine it's not the only way to raise a baby so you may like to look into other techniques as well.

personally my 2nd and 3rd bubs just had to fit in with the rest of the family, i feed them when they seem fussy or hungry and they sleep when they are tired and can sleep.
if it's possible to have someone else help withthe drop offs and pick ups that could allow you to stay home with bubs? - i do this when possible.

good luck with it all. smile

mum of 3 girls

Hi Heather,
It can be hard but unfortunately life has to go on whether it’s Miss 7, work or a mum with 4 kids. All you can do is do you best to fit in around school times. Also your baby will keep changing her hours of sleep as she grows so just as you think you have it working they change on you! Try if you can to have the ‘play’ time around the school pick up time.
Whatever happens don’t stress about it.
Cheers Maree

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