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I have an 11 mth old who finally sleeps through the night but wakes at 5 am screaming every morning, which in turn wakes my 2 1/2 year old. My husband is up at this time getting ready for work, he is not noisy but my boys are light sleepers. I have darkened his room completely and have resorted to leaving him to scream for an hour to see if he will go back to sleep as resettling only made it worse (tried on night sleeps aswell). By 6am I get up to him and by an hour later he is tired and cranky again. Do I leave him to cry himself off to sleep or do I just have to bite the bullet and get up at 5am? What do I do?

Christine, WA, 3 1/2yr old, 2yr old and 4mths preg

Hi Christine,

We don’t want to create an overnight feed habit, but in these cases when the other option is getting up with him and starting the day, I would try giving him a feed and resettling.


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