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Extreme fear!! Lock Rss

My 30month old son was going to sleep and sleeping right thru on his up until Easter!

He has this incredible fear of all noises and of going to sleep!

He clings to the edge of the bed and u can see his eyes searching as if he looking for something!

At first he was telling me there were bombs in his room but that has eased of but this extreme fear will not go away!!

What is going on?? Can you help?



Hi Maria,
It’s hard to say what is going on, have you had any big changes at home?
Too much tv can be a problem also sometimes.
I would try to talk to him earlier than bed time and make a special effort together to rid the room of anything bad with him and after that insist that there is nothing there.
Best of luck
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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