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15mths NEVER slept through Lock Rss

Dear Maree,

My Daughter is 15months and has never slept through. She is at the stage now where she wakes twice a night crying and wanting a bottle. She will then have a couple of mouthfuls then drift to sleep in our arms. When we put her in her bed she wakes and cries. I have never rocked her to sleep and before she started teething we were able to put her to bed awake and she settled herself to sleep.
My husband and I both work full time and I sadly had to go back to work when Alexis was 3 months old. Needless to say we all need a good nights sleep and controlled crying ends in Alexis throwing up and my husband getting upset because we didn't stop her before it got to that point. She has also recently been sick and now wants to sleep in our bed which I don't agree with and cannot seem to break the habit. I have decided this long weekend to break the habit and I am looking for some advice towards helping introduce a sleep routine that suits Alexis' and my needs.

Barbra & Alexis, NSW, 15mths

It would seem Alexis is waking out of habit for the bottle, as you say she is not really hungry for it. You must be the one to break the habit by not offering the bottle.
Controlled comforting is a very hard program to implement.

And also one that both parties must be agreeable to and support each other on.

Many babies will vomit as a protest to get your attention and it works.

If you follow the program you need to clean her up while still in the cot with little talk and least amount of eye contact and keep on going.

If you don’t wish to implement controlled comforting techniques at least you will be aware of the need to break the cycle of the bottle. The next step is to get her to sleep independently in her cot so when she wakes on her light sleep she is where she first settled.

Best of luck
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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