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11mth old waking randomly Lock Rss

I have an 11mth old and for the past 6 weeks she has started waking through the night at random times. She will cry, I go in and rub her bottom for about 30 seconds and she is straight back off to sleep. She mostly self settles when I put her to bed at night, however when I put her down for a nap during the day she does fall asleep at the breast. If at night when I put her to bed and she cries I just go in, giver her a shh and walk out, then she falls asleep.
I have been told this is seperation anxiety and will grow out of it - is this true??
Also she goes to bed about 8:00pm and wakes between 5:30 - 6:00am for a feed. Should she be doing this still?? When I feed her I can put her back in her cot wide awake and she falls asleep by herself until 8:00am. This tells me she is actually hungry as I have tried to just settle her without milk and she cries.
Hi Kellie,
I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your question.

Separation anxiety usually begins around 8-9 months.
Try giving her at least 2 mins to see if she can settle herself before going in.

If she is waking at 5.30/6 I would feed her also and get her back to sleep until 8am. If it got earlier say 4/4.30 I would try to resettle.

Cheers Maree

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