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My 5 month old won't sleep alone Lock Rss

My almost 5 month old won't sleep by himself and will only settle with me in our bed. He screams blue murder if he is left alone in his cot and this is driving me nuts. How can I start to recify this without loosing my sanity?



Debbie, NZ, due 25 August 04

Hi Deborah,

Your son simply doesn’t know how to sleep with out you, and if you want to change that then you will need to teach him to sleep independently. You can get details for our settling program in <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> section or form the <a href="It's time to sleep</a"">It's Time To Sleep</a> DVD&Book. It can be a tough week or so but the results are worth it for everyone concerned.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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