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I have a 4month old son who is fully breast feed. im having trouble with his sleep routine at night. he still wakes at least three times a night for a feed wich he gose straight back to sleep afterwards. i have tryed leaving him but he starts sucking on his hand, he is definatley hungry. I dont mind the routine but am worried it may cause sleeping problems later on. he is is also in our room as we are living with my mother and there is no other rooms. but he is in his own cot. Will this be a pattern he will grow out or is it leading to bigger problems???

At 4 months your son will still probably require one overnight feed. Perhaps you could introduce a few solids during the day and give one big "middle of the night" feed. Some of the waking may be for comfort sucking only, to resettle. After feeding it is always best if you can try to resettle baby awake into the cot rather than falling asleep at the breast, difficult I know when you are sharing the room and partners and other family members are trying to sleep. You would find <a href="It's time to sleep</a"">It's Time To Sleep</a> DVD& Book a great tool for when you are able to move to your own house.


It's Time to Sleep

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