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Sleep by self during day - not at night Lock Rss


I have a 21mth old son and during the day he will go down on his bed and self settle to sleep, but than when it comes to night time I have to nurse him to put him to sleep - he has a bottle and generally falls asleep in my arms and than I will put him in his bed - some nights he will wake up and get straight into our bed, other nights he will stay in his bed at the foot of our bed all night.

I have tried 'controlled crying' and as I said it has worked during the day, but I can't understand why it hasn't worked at night.

Any suggestions....?


Carissa, QLD 2yr son


Because you are nursing him to sleep and falling asleep with the bottle he is waking on his light sleep and you are not there. You say he sleeps at the foot of your bed, your presence at night may also be hindering him to sleep independently. Can you move him into his own room? If you want to make the change you will need to persevere with the settling techniques at night.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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