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17 month old STILL waking for night feeds! Lock Rss

My 17 month old son is still waking at least twice a night for a bottle.

I put him down at 7pm witha bittle and he will usually sleep until he wakes for a feed between 10pm-12am. Sometimes he will sleep right through until morning, but he will usually wake again bout 3am for another bottle. If not, its 5-5:30am he wakes.

I have tried setteling him back to sleep, but he wants his bottle and screams and screams.

I have tried increasing his food intake during the day, but he is also a very fussy eater.

He has one bottle during the day, before his lunchtime nap.

I know i need to decrease his milk intake to get himt o eat more, but there has been a few nights where he has slept right through(he has been a bit unwell, threfore on medicaton), but he still isnt interested in taking any more food!!'

Please HELP ME!

Hi Kylie,

As long as you keep offering these feeds he will continue to wake for them. If you want to change this then you may need to persevere with some settling techniques instead.
All babies will protest the change but if you want to succeed you need to persist.
You can get details for our settling program from <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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