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7 mths old started waking every 2hrs Lock Rss


My 7mth old has just started waking every 2hrs, i know it's my fault as i have always breastfeed him to sleep, i have no idea where to start to get him settled on his own, i have tried control crying but his father can't stand it so he goes and gets him up, which is fine for him as he isn't up all night! i would like to purchase the "it's time to sleep" dvd but can't find it anywhere and don't have a cc so i can't purchase it online, i live in country N.S.W.
So where do i start?

Devlins Tired Mummy

Devlin's Mum - 9 Dec 2004


It makes it difficult when all parties are not in agreeance about changing the routine. Certainly watching the DVD will help your partner to understand why your baby isn't sleeping and that the techniques we use can make a real difference to everyone. If you don't have a credit card and your local book store does not have stock you could contact me through and I will give you details for ordering by sending a
cheque or postal money order.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

Thanx Maree
i have gotten hold of the dvd and it will arrive next week, well last night after i posted the question and brought the dvd he slept 8hrs hmmm think he must have been reading this, i had been wrapping him at the advice of the karitane people(they reccommend it until they are 2yrs old), but then i read in your tips that you don't reccommend it after 3mths, so i didn't wrap him again today and he slept for 2hrs instead of his usual 30 to 45mins!

Can't wait till i get the video so his dad understands what i'm trying to do lol

Thanx again


Devlin's Mum - 9 Dec 2004

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