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when to drop to one sleep? Lock Rss

Hi Maree,
My bub has just turned one and sleeping patterns in the day are really difficult.
She wakes at 6.30 and by the time 9 am comes she is really tired. If i put her down for a nap and leave her she will sleep for up to 2.5 hours, then not go down later in the afternoon even if she is cranky.
If i only let her sleep for an hour, she still fights sleeping in the afternoon and will usually only go down for 45mins after a fight.
Should i push her morning sleep forward? I looked up your sleep requirement needs but they stopped at 12 months. Im not sure what is the best time of the day for her nap if she is trying to go to one.
Thanks Maree, Jen

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

Hi Jen,

I know I always say to watch for tired signs but if you can I would really try for a week to push forward this morning nap to a lunch at 11am and down for a couple of hours. You don’t say what time she is in bed at night but I could bet she is way cranky by 5pm.

Cheers Maree

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