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Please help, my 2 year old son, who has been in a bed for about 2 months now (we needed the cot for his baby sister) constantly wakes up through the night and brings himself out to our bedroom. He goes to bed about 8pm and will sleep till about 2am, he then comes to our room and hops in bed with us and starts tossing and turning - I ask him if he wants to go back to his bed and he straight away gets out of bed and goes back to his room (he always wants me to go with him). He wants to be in his own bed but he doesn't want me to leave him, meaning I have to sit with him until he falls asleep again, which could be another hour. I am just too tired..

Kristy, NSW, 6mth old & 2 yr old


This is clearly his sleep association and the way to change this if you really want to is you must let him know that it’s not okay to be getting up and put him straight back to bed each time he gets up. By you then staying with him until he falls asleep is the only way he wants to return to sleep and to change this you will need to resettle him back to bed but leave before he falls asleep. I know it’s hard but in a week or so everyone will be having a peaceful nights sleep.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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